Why Businesses Need a Legal Team During COVID 19

Business That Are Affected by COVID-19 Changing Government Orders Should Have Insurance Policies Reviewed by Legal Team


Developing government orders will affect the way many businesses in Atlanta operate along with the possible insurance available for losses and expenses. On Friday, April 24, Governor Kemp allowed the following businesses to resume under rigorous sanitation and social distancing guidelines: 

  • gyms
  • fitness centers
  • bowling alleys
  • body art studios (tattoo and piercing parlors), 
  • barbershops
  • hair salons
  • estheticians (waxing, threading, eyelash extension, cosmetic treatments, etc.)
  • massage therapists
  • cosmetology schools 
  • private social clubs and
  • movie theaters. 


The order lists numerous safety protocols the partially opened businesses are required to utilize. Each business classification has slightly different conditions. However, each business has broad guidelines that must be followed, which include heightened sanitation, verifying that employees don’t have a fever or illness, working remotely or staggering shifts, prohibiting handshakes, reinforcing social distancing, and increasing workspace to six feet between employees, among other conditions. Another condition is that that most businesses are limited to no more than 10 people inside at a time unless they can remain six feet apart at all times.


While this partial opening may restore a certain level of activity, these business operations will still not be restored to normal. Beyond that, some states are loosening social distance requirements while others are extending them. While Governor Kemp announced the partial reopening of the state, the Governor of Massachusetts continued the closures of non-essential businesses. Despite the location, many businesses will likely bear extraordinary losses because of these regulations and will acquire obligations to comply with growing requirements and operational guidelines. 


Most business insurance coverage policies cover the loss of business income and expenses that may incur due to business interruption. For an article relevant to COVID-19 and how businesses are affected read our article “Business Insurance Coverage and COVID-19” . There are many roads to insurance recovery for businesses impacted by the financial downturn due to COVID-19. Business Insurance policyholders should work with a legal team to have their policies analyzed and thoroughly reviewed to understand what the policy covers. This will allow policyholders and the legal team to pursue the coverage available to the business owner. 


At MBW Law, we are offering a no-obligation consultation that will allow us to review your business insurance policy. Through preparation, in-depth knowledge of the industry, and a wealth of experience with insurance cases, we leverage every resource available to us to secure the best result possible in your circumstance. With us on your side, you can approach the most contentious litigation confidently, knowing that you’re not alone in navigating the complex steps necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve, as listed in your business insurance policy. Contact our Atlanta-based insurance law firm today to get started. 

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