Wondering when should you hire a lawyer to help with your insurance claim? When an insurance claim is wrongfully denied, or the settlement offer is lower than expected, policyholders and public adjusters contact our office for assistance. Unfortunately, there are situations where the insurance claim settlement is delayed due to a lack of documentation. The area where property damage took place was not preserved, and now it’s too late for experts to assess damages properly. 

To conduct a proper investigation – a reputable team of experts, that are licensed and insured, may include: 

  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Industrial hygienists
  • Fire Investigators
  • General contractors

While hiring an insurance lawyer is often an afterthought, we recommend consulting with a firm upfront. 

Here are a few reasons you should consult with a lawyer when an insurance claim is first reported: 

  • A lawyer’s involvement from the outset can assist in ensuring the claim is smoothly and adequately adjusted and may avoid the need for litigation.
  • A reputable lawyer can also ensure the claim is being accurately reported and avoid wrongful coverage denials.
  • Lawyers are familiar with the insurance companies’ legal obligations. They can remind them of the laws they must follow when adjusting insurance claims—and hold them accountable when they do not.


Property Insurance Lawyers are typically paid on a contingency fee basis and are compensated through a settlement percentage. 

When an insurer decides to work with a lawyer, the goal is to receive the maximum recovery you are entitled to under your insurance policy. Due to the complexity of insurance contracts, many policyholders are unaware of what is covered in their policies. 

United Policyholders is a non-profit organization that educates consumers on insurance issues. Here is what UP states regarding hiring a lawyer for an insurance claim: 

You’ve suffered a major loss from fire, theft, or some other calamity and you’ve filed an insurance claim. You’re not sure what your rights are, and you’re worried about trusting your insurance company. You should be. Your financial interests and your insurance company’s financial interests are in a natural conflict – You want a maximum payout, your insurer a minimum. An insurance claim is a business negotiation, pure and simple. So although you paid good money for coverage and good claim service, you may have to fight for it. And you may need professional help in that fight. In an ideal world, no one would need to hire a lawyer to get an insurance claim paid on time and in full, but in this world, many do.


When an insurance company understands that the proper documentation and personnel are provided to hold them accountable, disputes are often avoided. 

 At MBW Law, we believe that if you have a homeowners or commercial property insurance claim, whether it is due to fire damage, water damage, wind damage, theft, vandalism, or any other cause of loss, it should be paid according to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Along those lines, we represent individuals and businesses when they have homeowners or property insurance claims and work on the policyholder’s behalf with their insurance company.

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