Looking for tips for filing a property claim? The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation estimates that insurance companies did not pay approximately 30% of insurance claims after Hurricane Irma, and 14% of Hurricane Michael claims were not paid also. In addition, to insurance claim denials, many of the settlements were underpaid by insurance companies. We help our clients get a fair settlement for the property damage that has occurred. Based on years of experience helping our clients with insurance claims, here are five ways to prevent hurting your property damage claim. 

Report Property Damage, When It Happens

Proper documentation is crucial when filing a property damage insurance claim. When damage occurs, typically, policyholders want to fix the problem immediately. However, if the damage isn’t documented properly, insurance companies will use the lack of proof of damage against your insurance claim. Your insurance lawyer will represent you in your case, but we still recommend keeping a record of any communication between the insurance company. 

Keep All Materials Even If Damaged

After property damage occurs, be sure to keep any damaged materials for inspection. A typical response from insurance companies is that the property was destroyed before filing a claim. If the insurance company is unable to inspect any damaged material, they will assume that items were broken prior to property damage. 

You Don’t Have to Accept Their First Offer – It’s Not The Final Offer

When the insurance company has sent its first offer, you don’t have to accept it. Your insurance lawyer will advise you on if you should accept or decline the initial settlement. Insurance companies attempt to pay the least amount for insurance claims.  

Get a Second Opinion

When the insurance company sends out their insurance adjuster, remember that they work for the insurance company, not you. The insurance adjuster could miss critical parts of the damage that could increase your settlement. After the insurance company’s adjuster checks out the property, hire a professional who is on your side to assess the damages further before you sign the insurance company’s release, stating you will not ask for more.  

Choose an insurance expert 

The last step is getting help from an insurance expert as soon as property damage happens. If you’re filing a new claim but feel unsure how the process works or your claim is underpaid or denied, hire an insurance law expert. At MBW Law, we understand the complexities of insurance policies and insurance law. We are here to help you with your insurance claim. 

We are Insurance Law Experts

As insurance experts, we can strategically handle your insurance claim from start to finish. Property damage insurance claims are our area of expertise, and we will fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the appropriate claim settlement. Contact our insurance law experts today for a no-obligation consultation.

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