What do do if your insurance company won't pay your claim

Insurance is an investment that protects against the unforeseen. Life is full of twists and turns, and insurance helps to alleviate the financial burden that emerges from some of those unexpected changes. 


Receiving payment from an insurance policy isn’t always as simple as it should be, and anyone who has filed an insurance claim can likely attest. Furthermore, the most common sources of frustration are claims related to homeowners and business insurance. 


If you have found yourself dealing with a denied insurance claim that the insurance company refuses to pay, don’t fret—there are still steps you can take to receive those funds. 


Gather All Relevant Records


The more documentation you have that supports your claim, the fewer grounds an insurance company has to deny it. For example, if your business sustained roof damage due to a storm, an insurance lawyer in Atlanta would tell you to collect all the documents you have about the status of your roof and the money you’ve invested in it. 


Take a Deep Dive into Your Policy


The most valuable information about your rights and recourse when filing a claim is clearly defined in the policy. 

The policy should list: 

  • what is covered
  • estimated payouts
  • how to submit your request
  • any extenuating circumstances are found within the policy. 


Unfortunately, the language isn’t always easy to digest, and it’s even harder to locate the needed information. Due to this, may policyholders opt to seek help for a legal team that specializes in insurance law. MBW Law has a team of insurance law experts that understands the complexities and will work on your behalf to ensure your claim is paid appropriately.  


Get The Necessary Help

It might seem counterintuitive to hire an Atlanta insurance lawyer when you’re already missing out on your insurance payout. Hiring a lawyer may feel like an added expense, as well. While this is true, you should consider that without the right lawyer, you may never see your claim resolved in your favor.


A lawyer can thoroughly help you prepare for your deposition. Often, you’ll have to answer questions about the damage or event that led to your claim, and an experienced lawyer can coach you through the process. An insurance lawyer also knows how to persist with the insurance company most effectively, so your claim doesn’t further get delayed. 


Before you start googling “insurance lawyer near me,” take some time to find the most qualified legal team to assist with your insurance battle. MBW Law is here to help with your insurance claim. We are your dependable legal team that will work to ensure your claim is covered and will also help ensure your claim gets paid appropriately. 


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