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As a business owner, your company only operates as efficiently as your employees. In turn, you probably take a considerable deal of care when it comes to adding a new member to your team, but do you choose the same amount of care with ensuring that you’ve included all the right documents in the hiring process

A reputable business lawyer in Atlanta will inform you that the contracts you need drafted are offer letters and employee contracts. However, there’s much more than meets the eye with these documents. 

Offer Letters

Before you officially add a new employee to your workforce, you’ll have to offer them a job. By doing this in writing, you ensure that both yourself and your new employee are clear about the parameters of their employment. Your Atlanta business lawyer will be able to help you create a general offer letter into which you can insert specific information about a position and its compensation or benefits. Once the time to hire an employee arises, a business lawyer can craft an official offer letter. 

Employee Contracts

The more critical employment document is this catch-all contract that contains things like the length of employment, position responsibilities, benefits, non-compete and nondisclosure agreements, grounds for termination, and earning potential. The specific documents housed within employee contracts change based on the company and even based on different positions. For example, someone who doesn’t handle sales or accounts won’t need to sign anything outlining their commission structure because it simply isn’t relevant. 

You can likely find boilerplate documents and cobble together employee contracts on your own, but the much safer bet is to seek out someone who offers legal help for businesses in Atlanta. Hiring a professional business attorney in Atlanta to make sure that you have included all of the necessary documents (and none of the unnecessary ones) will protect both you and your new employees in the long run. 

Why Employee Contracts Are Necessary

If it seems like there’s endless paperwork involved to hire an employee properly, that’s because there is. As every attorney for businesses in Atlanta can attest, having these contracts signed upfront is the safest possible way to enter into a working relationship. The reasons for this are copious. Some contracts included in the packet will prevent employees from using the knowledge they gain during their tenure with your company to steal clients from you later on; other documents will protect you against wrongful termination suits

Make sure that you thoroughly discuss your employment contract with a contract attorney, so you know that you are protected. An experienced attorney will also be able to point out any gaps in the kinds of contracts you’re requiring and fill them for your peace of mind. 

If you need a business attorney to help you compile all of the necessary contracts before hiring a new employee, contact MBW Law and allow us to assist.

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